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We developed a unique system used to represent AI elements in the digital world and in real life.

How DCMT Works

Your Ai•id is based on a voluntary Declaration that highlights the presence (or absence) of AI elements in your product or resource

The Dynamic Color Meta Tag (DCMT) on your Declaration is a visual symbol of your resource or product's AI Status.

But DCMT is more than just a symbol. It's a precise, multi-faceted system that allows you to narrow down exactly how you use artificial intelligence.

The system has three distinct dimensions:

The industry or specialty where AI is used

The specific way AI is used

How much or how often AI is used

When you sign up for your unique Ai•id, all three elements come together to assign your Dynamic Color Meta Tag.

DCMT Verification

While your Ai•id Declaration is based on your voluntary information, you can also request Third Party verification for added credibility. After verification, the resource or product is assigned the “Ai•id DCMT Verified” badge.

It's important to note that when editing the Declaration without updating the Third Party verification, the badge changes to "Ai•id DCMT" until the next evaluation request.

AI Groups and Elements

Explore the different industries and projects where AI might be used. With Ai•id, you'll have a chance to provide much needed clarification to your users and put their concerns at ease.


E-Commerce and Marketing

Implementation of personalized product recommendations, customer behavior analysis, demand forecasting, and dynamic pricing strategies within the realm of e-commerce and marketing.


Personalized product recommendations

Providing personalized suggestions for products and services to enhance user experiences, supported by AI-driven algorithms.


Customer behavior analysis

Analyzing customer behavior patterns to refine marketing strategies and improve service delivery without compromising user privacy.


Demand forecasting

Utilizing AI algorithms to predict demand trends for products and services, optimizing supply chain and inventory management.


Dynamic pricing

Implementing adaptive pricing strategies based on AI-derived insights, enhancing revenue and customer satisfaction.


Web Development and Multimedia

Integration of AI for search engine optimization, user experience analysis, navigation enhancement, content generation, and multimedia technology advancement in web development.


Search and optimization of keywords

Optimizing search engine results through AI-driven keyword analysis, improving online visibility and user engagement


User experience and navigation analysis

Enhancing user interfaces and navigation experiences through AI-powered analysis of user interactions and preferences


Content generation

Automatically generating content, including text, images, and multimedia elements, to streamline creative processes


Image enhancement and manipulation

Enhancing and manipulating images using AI-powered image processing algorithms for improved visual aesthetics.


Art and Creativity

Utilization of AI for generating artificial art pieces, automating composition and design, and fostering creativity in various artistic endeavors.


Generation of artificial art pieces

Creating artificial art pieces, including images, music, and design elements, through AI algorithms.


Automated composition and design

Automating the composition and design of various content types using AI-powered tools.


Music and literature creation

Generating music compositions and literary pieces through AI algorithms fosters creative expression.



Application of AI for medical image diagnostics, epidemic forecasting, personalized patient treatment, and support in the healthcare sector.


Medical image diagnostics

Applying AI for accurate analysis of medical images to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning.


Epidemic forecasting and disease spread analysis

Forecasting epidemics and analyzing disease spread patterns using AI to inform public health responses.


Personalized patient treatment and support

Tailoring medical treatment and support plans to individual patient's needs, leveraging AI-generated insights.


Scientific Research

Deployment of AI for processing and analyzing extensive datasets, modeling, and forecasting in scientific research, and enabling data-driven discoveries.


Big data processing and analysis

Processing and analyzing vast amounts of data using AI techniques to extract meaningful insights.


Modeling and forecasting in scientific fields

Utilizing AI-driven modeling and forecasting to support scientific research and advancements.


Transportation and Logistics

Utilizing AI for managing transportation networks, optimizing traffic flows, and forecasting efficient routes in logistics and transportation.


Traffic network and flow management

Managing and optimizing traffic networks and flows through AI-powered traffic analysis and predictions.


Route forecasting and optimization

Forecasting and optimizing routes for transportation and logistics purposes using AI algorithms.



AI Free Zone

The "Green Ai•id" tag symbolizes refraining from using AI in your work or business. This can be a great way to show your dedication to the power of the human brainpower and creativity.

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